Email Delays

Hello Sorry for the difficulties you experienced in trying to book your Taxi.We never received all the booking information we required to ensure we provide the correct type of vehicle at the correct collection time (we needed the following further information Time after you land you want the taxi ,number of bags and other luggage ,Number of passengers ) without this information we were unable to accept your booking before you informed us “no I don’t need your service now” .
So to call us unreliable without you having made a booking is a little misleading .

We have improved our booking system process . I looked through your emails and as we were going back and forth with questions and we were very busy in July so I had to ensure I had all the relevant information from yourself to ensure the driver was not waiting at the airport if you were expecting delays coming through customs and getting your bags , I accept we made a mistake and there was indeed a Delay in us replying to your booking request . 
I checked and we replied 4 days after our second line of email questions . 

We now direct customers use the online booking form so they can submit all the information we need in one place at one time rather than the customer and the booking team having to keep firing questions back and forth 

Give us a try in the future and I will arrange a discount and the process will be much smoother