Heathtrow Terminal 2 Meeting place


Terminal 2 Meeting instructions

Please meet me at the drop off point

To get there from international arrivals

  1. Exit the main Building and walk past the big metal Sculpture and then in front of you will see elevators
  2. Catch the elevator to the highest floor (floor 5)
  3. Then exit the elevator and you will be at the drop off point (you should be able to see the sky and many normal Taxis (not black cabs) waiting and dropping people off) this road is called Celsius road
  4. Please call my number or whatsapp me on +44 07880501859 and it will take me 7 mins to get to where you are 🙂

The easierst way to get to where the driver will be is too Click on this link https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/51%C2%B028’10.9%22N+0%C2%B027’09.1%22W/@51.4696925,-0.4700374,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d51.4696944!4d-0.4525278

And then use google maps navigation and it will navigate you to the exact spot where your driver will be



Stansted Meeting instructions

Instructions on Where to meet your Taxi driver (in Order to save money on parking)

Your driver’s number is +4407880501859 (You can also contact him on Vibr and Whatsapp)

In order to save you money on Parking (£3 to £10 Depending on how long it takes for your bags to arrive) Please meet your driver @ what is known as the Express Set down
(The price for parking at the Express Set down will be £2 Provided you take no longer than 10 minutes)

*We advise you contact the driver when your at the Express set down point so as to ensure you pay no more than £2 for parking as there is a 10 minute time limit before the parking fee increases rapidly.

Your driver will meet you at the “Stansted Airport Express Set Down” on Floor 1 ”
Also known as “ The Pickup and Drop Off point for normal cars” this is directly outside the main entrance of the Airport on floor 1.
(*Please do not confuse the Express set down with the “Taxi and Coach pick up drop off point” that is on Floor 0 or the Orange Car park)

Please note that you will need to either catch a lift / elevator to floor 1 as when you land and exit the plane you will be on floor 0 .

How to get to the drop off point

  1. Catch a lift or elevator to the 1st floor (The highest floor of the building) Please note you will be on Floor 0 when you exit the plane
  2. Exit the main entrance
  3. You will then see Different Zones ie Zone A ,Zone B , Zone C , Zone D and Zone E)
  4. Contact your driver once you know what row you are on
  5. Your driver will be parked 1 mile away and will get to you in 5 to 8 minutes

Please call the Driver when you get your bags and are at the Express set down and are ready to leave the airport by using  the contact details above using your phone or a Payphone within the Airport Terminal building and your driver will Come to the “Express Set Down” (The Pickup Point) *

*It will take your driver around 5-8 mins to get to the Express set down as he is not allowed to wait within the Airport complex

Your driver is only allowed to wait at the “Express Down for 10 minutes before the parking fee increases rapidly .

So please call the driver and ask him to come and collect you once you are at the express down so you save money on Parking


If you struggle to find the Express Set Down please ask for assistance at the Information desk

Thank you and see you soon


Reviews From Previous Clients

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That being said Here are some reviews

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Fawaz Sulinab

reviewed 2 months ago
“I hired ECOCARS for the day , all-round trip , Reading to London , and back to Reading . The best Taxi services I have ever experience . Very friendly, helpful, and extremely professional , the price is the cheapest on offer . Higly recommneded and will defo use again . Thank you so much ECOCARS..”