Lost Property

If you have mistakenly left your Belonging(s) in one our Drivers Vehicles.

Please contact us by email or whatsapp only (+4407880501859) and we will try to help you as much as possible in getting your Belonging(s) Back.

There may be a charge for dropping your lost property back to you.
The charge is determined by the distance between you and the driver .Alternatively you can pick up your lost property from Reading Central Police Stations Lost Property Office.

We instruct our drivers to search their Vehicles after each Hiring.

In accordance with the Law and the Conditions set out by Reading Borough Council.
Drivers are instructed to take any lost property to Reading Central Police Station Lost Property office within 24 Hours of discovering it.

Condition 17.1 of The Private Hire Vehicle Drivers Licence Conditions 

” You Must Search your Vehicle at the end of Each Hiring or as soon as possible afterwards for any Property which may have been left there. Any Property Accidently left in your Vehicle, If not claimed by the owner, must be taken to the Lost Property office at Reading Police Station within 24 Hours”  – Reading Borough Council