Reading Train Station Meeting Instructions

There are Two Exits and Entrances to the Railway station
1. Town Side (Referred to as South )
2. North Side (You will see Commercial units like the Range if you exit this side )

We advise you meet your Driver at Town Side (South Side) At Aquis House, READING, 49-51 Blagrave Street,RG1 1PL
(This building is 10 meters from the Actual Train Station )

You can also Copy and paste the following coordinates into your Navigation or Internet Browser of choice and it will take you to exact location where your driver will be :-

51°27’28.4″N 0°58’17.5″W

Please view these videos to see the location where your taxi will be waiting

If you need collection from the North Side of the train station please meet your driver by the car park to the right of the main entrance .