Terminal 5 Meeting place -Instructions on where to meet your Taxi Driver

Your Taxi Driver will meet you in Car Park 5 (Which is the only car park at the terminal ) on Level 1

*Your driver will arrive at the airport 40 minutes after your Plane lands Unless you tell us to send a Taxi at a different time (Earlier or later) or if your Plane is delayed please WhatsApp us before you take off on +447880501859 or 07880501859. Please also do the same if your plane has landed earlier than expected.

(The reason we ask you to do this is as the flight arrival times on the internet are not always updated fast enough and the flight is only Indicated as delayed once the Taxi driver is already at the airport) 

*We give 1 hours free waiting From the time you tell us to collect you then it’s £15 per an Hour .If you do not state a time then your taxi will arrive 40 minutes after you land and you will get 1 hours free waiting time from the 40 minutes after your plane lands (unless you tell us otherwise)

*To minimise your Parking fee your driver will wait 1 mile away from the Terminal until you Text him saying that you have your bags and are Ready to Leave .

( Please consider it will take him 10 minutes at least to get to the car park so factor this in when telling him to go to the collection point )

Please call Him or Txt Him to ensure he is aware that you are Ready to leave the airport as if he does not acknowledge your 

“I’m Ready to leave the airport txt as I have my Bags and have cleared immigration txt ” 

He Has not seen your TXT and is not aware your ready to leave 

Once Your Taxi Driver has seen or heard the Txt or voice note he will confirm and sent an acknowledgment and then he will make his way to the car park to get you .

He will then Go to Car Park 5 – Level 1 as that is the only designated Meeting place for this Terminal
Please also send him a Whatsapp stating what row you are by ie ROW S Pickup Point