Terminal 5 Meeting place -Instructions on where to meet your driver Outside if you wish to avoid paying for parking

Please meet your Taxi Driver at the Drop Off point on the Top floor of Terminal 5

Meeting your Driver outside the airport at the drop off point has the following Advantages for you:-

1.You will not have to pay the Airport parking charge which ranges from £4 to £11 for 1 hour

2.It will save you time (At least 15 mins ) as your driver will not have to park the car and then walk into the airport and find you and then walk back the distance to the car park

Your smartphone will navigate you to where he will be waiting.
If you click on this link and go use google maps to navigate you


To get to the Drop off point from International Arrivals

  1. While inside the main building catch the elevator to the highest floor which is the third floor ,its the same floor that departures is on.there are two different types of lifts one has the top floor on the 3rd floor the other lift has its highest floor on the 5th floor .Please make sure you go the the highest floor
  2. Then exit the elevator and look for the building entrance and exit doors and walk outside  (you should be able to see the sky and this view )
  3. You will notice there are numbers on big red plaques From Number  17 to 22 these are signs for the fire assembly/ meeting points and they are above each entrance/exit. please make a mental note of this number and call or whatsapp your driver .
  4. It will take 7 to 10 minutes for your driver to get to where you are  As he is not allowed to wait in this area and thus he will be waiting 2 miles away.We advise you contact the driver once you have your bags or once you clear Customs. Please wait inside if its cold or raining and your driver will let you know when he is outside the Drop Off Point