Luton Meeting Instructions

Following the Fire of the Car Park and the extensive Damage it has caused we are No longer allowed to enter the airport complex. However There are 2 Places Your Taxi Driver can Drop you at the Airport or Collect you .

One place is Free (The long stay Car park) and the other one is £5 per a visit ( The Short Stay Car Park)

If you opt For the Free Pickup and collection your driver will Drop or Collect you at the “Longstay car Park” and there is a Free and Regular (Usually 10 Minutes ) Shuttle Bus that will take you from the car park to directly outside the terminal .Or if Wish to leave the airport the same bus will take you from the Airport to the Car park.

The Below video is of the Bus you need to Take from outside the terminal to the Longstay car park or Vice Versa.
You can clearly see it says “Long Stay Car Park” on the front and sides and is Silver and has the Luton Airport Logo on it

We advise you be collected and dropped off at the Longstay car park (Unless your in a rush ) for the following Reasons :-
1. Its Free and saves you £5 per a Visit
2.There is a regular Bus ( Usually every 10 Minutes) to Directly outside the Airport Terminal so there is minimal walking with your Cumbersome bags and or luggage and minimal exposure to the elements.
3.If We drop you at the £5 Paid Drop off and collection point you still have to walk quarter of a mile with your luggage in open air ie with no Protection from the elements such as Rain,Wind,Cold air and snow
4.In the past a customer had their bags stolen while walking to this paid meeting Spot so please pay attention to your Surroundings

The Bus Stop at which your Driver will meet you in the Long Stay Car park should you need collection from Luton is Bus Stop 6 (Please Exit the bus at this Bus-stop as if you disembark at the wrong Bus stop your Taxi cannot collect you without blocking Traffic)

To meet at the short stay car park you can walk 1/4 of a mile from the terminal of catch the Regular shuttle bus that has a sign saying short stay park on it . Please meet your driver in the collection area and not the drop off area as we may insure a fine for doing so