Terminal 4 meeting place

Please meet your driver here

If you have a Smartphone Double Click on this link and open it in a Navigation app to get to the exact spot where your driver will be


You can meet your driver outside Terminal 4’s Main Entrance ( by doing this you will save between £3 to £6 on Parking ) on Stratford Road

At what is commonly known as the “Drop off point for normal passenger cars i.e not London style Black Cab / Taxi’s”

By Doing this you will save around £3 to £6 depending on how long your bags take to arrive

Simply follow these instructions

  1. Walk from the arrivals gate to the elevators
  2. Enter the Lift /Elevator (it will say car park and departures above the lifts) then Press the elevator button that says Floor (2)
  3. Exit the elevator once the indicator panel on the elevator for floor 2 illuminates
  4. Once you are at floor 2 you will see a Café Nero walk past café Nero to towards Café Rouge
  5. Call or txt your driver (it will take him between 5-7 minutes to get to where you are)
  6. Once your driver calls to confirm he is outside ,exit the building through the sliding glass doors and your driver will be at row 5

This is a picture of a place where the driver will be


Thank you and see you soon