London City Airport Meeting Instructions

*Your driver will arrive at the airport 40 minutes after you land Unless you tell us to send a Taxi at a different time (Earlier or later)

*We give 1 hours free waiting time then it’s £15 per an Hour .

* If your plane is Delayed please Whatsapp us in Writing +4407880501859 and let us us know the new Estimated time of Arrival 

*To minimise your Parking fee your driver will wait 1 mile away from the terminal until you call or message him saying that you have your bags and are Ready to Leave . 

He will then Go to what is known as the Pick Up point (Not to be confused with the Drop off point which is closer two the airport )
Getting to the Pickup point is very easy and its a short walk so in the interests of saving your driver and yourself time and extra money on parking we advise you meet him at the Pickup point (It will cost your driver £3.80 to Pick you up from here (For Drop Offs there is no charge )