Our Eco-Friendly Policy

    • We have adopted the KAIZEN Principle to minimise waste and Our Co2 Output while at the same time maximising our efficiency.
      We are constantly amending and improving all our Business processes.
    • We Minimise paper waste and aim to be as Paper less as possible
    • We recycle at every Level and opportunity and encourage our driver to do the same
    • We use Energy Efficient Electronics such as phones
    • We will send the Nearest driver to you to minimise C02 output
    • We have Made our own ECO Driving training Guide
    • We have made our driver aware of the most eco-friendly route on most common Journeys
    • Our Urban Farming Forum aims to improve the food security challenges we will face in Reading as a direct result of the worlds fuel supply diminishing, This is otherwise known as “Peak Oil” Learn more about Peak oil and how it will affect everybody by watching this video


Peak Oil Files – 2 – Energy Security from Matt Beer on Vimeo.