Licensed Reading Taxi & Licensed Private Hire Jobs- Drivers Wanted – Rent a car and

Greencars /Ecocars Are looking for New Taxi And Private Hire Drivers

If you have a valid Reading Private Hire License or are in the process of Getting a Private Hire License and are a Hard Working ,Reliable and Punctual individual Please Contact us

Download Reading Private Hire Application Form

Download Reading Private Hire Vehicle Application Form

Download Reading Private Conditions

Downlaod the Vehicle License Application Guidance Notes

More Forms are Available here

We Require Company Drivers -This means Drivers who can Drive one of the Licensed Private Hire Vehicles we have on our Fleet.This would be ideal if you don’t wish to have the big financial outlay it takes to buy a Vehicle that is less than 5 Years old as is required by Reading Borough Council and then license,MOT,service and repair it .

We also Require Owner Drivers – if you own a Reading Borough Council Licensed and insured PHV Vehicle and would like to work for us Please contact us

If you wish to Work for Us and are currently with another Taxi/ Private Hire Firm in Reading please Contact us and then Bring the following when you meet me

Information and Photocopy i Need from New Drivers

  1. A Photocopy of Your Driver Badge
  2. Photocopy of Private Hire Drivers License paper part
  3. Photocopy of Private Hire Vehicle License paper part
  4. Photocopy of MOT certificate and Taxi inspection
  5. Photocopy of insurance Covernote
  6. Photocopy of DVLA Drivers License + Paper Part

Other information i need for example

  1. Full Name : John Smoth
  2. Vehicle Registration Number :- LT42 YBL
  3. Driver Badge Number : 721
  4. Date Drivers Private Hire License Runs out :-01/02/16
  5. Vehicle Plate Number :145
  6. Vehicle License Expire Date :08/10/15
  7. Date insurance Runs out :- 05/10/2015

Thank you and we hope to work with you in the future